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My Coaching Journey

Liliana Diaz is a professional coach with years of experience in ADHD coaching, and in Health and Wellbeing coaching. As an ADHD coach, she works with neurodiverse people who face challenges with executive function deficits, ADHD and related difficulties. She is also a passionate Health and Wellness coach, supporting people to achieve their vision of best health while building healthy and sustainable behaviour changes.

Liliana draws from first-hand experience with her child and husband, both living with ADHD. Through her years supporting them through daily life, work, school and university, she has developed a deep understanding of what it takes for a neurodiverse person to manage their challenges and build a fruitful life.

She strongly believes that health and wellbeing are a person’s main asset, and is truly passionate about maintaining health, energy and joy as a means and a destination for a happy life. As a former “rat race” participant, she understands and relates to the feeling many people experience when trying to balance non-negotiable priorities while running on empty with little time for self.

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Liliana brings a wealth of experience and relevant skills from her earlier career in finance at major Canadian financial institutions, where her main focus was on implementing policies and regulatory compliance across bank operations in many countries while leading a multicultural and professionally diverse team.

Coaching was a natural path for Liliana, as one of her life priorities has always been to use her knowledge and experience to support people in building the fulfilling lives they deserve. In working with neurodiverse clients and with those seeking better health and wellbeing, Liliana feels that she is in her element given her life experiences and her commitment to cultivate and maintain health and joy throughout life.

As your coach Liliana will partner with you to co-create your vision of a better future and self. Her work is guided by science-backed strategies to actively and safely support you in raising your awareness and creating positive and sustainable behaviour changes.

Credentials & Education

  • Certified Adler Professional Coach

    Adler School of Professional Coaching, 2016

  • ADHD Coach, Edge foundation

    JST coaching / Edge foundation, 2016

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

    International Coaching Federation (ICF), 2018-2022

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

    International Coaching Federation (ICF) - pending (expected in 2023)

  • Certified Integrative Health and Well-Being Coach

    Duke University, School of Integrative Medicine, 2022

  • Board-Certified Health Coach

    National Board of Health & Well-being Coaches, 2022

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Training Diploma

    CounselCareCanada Learning Solutions, 2017

  • Certified Personal Trainer

    Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (canfitpro), 2008

  • Bone Fit Trained

    Osteoporosis Canada, Exercise Training Workshop for Health Care Professionals and Exercise Practicioners, 2023

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    2000 (dormant)

  • Bachelor of Economics

    Zulia University Venezuela, 1988

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What my clients say

joya paul in studio
Joya Paul Visual Artist

I hired Liliana to help me focus on my business goals. Her coaching gave me clarity for the next steps in my business. She is a calming influence and helps you to focus on your tasks at hand. We were able to brainstorm and develop ideas to attract more clients. She knows how to utilize your own strengths to bring out the best version of yourself. After sessions with Liliana you feel empowered and clear on your direction. I strongly recommend Liliana’s coaching services.

Sarah B. Graphic Designer & Teacher

I found Liliana to be a very supportive and creative coach. She encouraged me and guided me in achieving the changes I needed and wanted to improve my overall health and manage my challenges in a constructive way. I enjoyed working with her, achieved tangible results, acquired relevant knowledge and feel ready to continue progressing. I recommend working with her if you want to see lasting results and have fun along the way.

Joanne K. Coach (and cancer survivor)

Liliana is an extremely patient and flexible coach. During our time working together, she provided me with unwavering support and encouragement and also shared valuable knowledge and strategies that I am taking with me as I move forward. I highly recommend her coaching services.

James A. Software Engineer

As someone with ADHD, I've always had great difficulty getting things done, sometimes even small tasks that I both need and want to do. Liliana helped me to understand my priorities, identify small achievable specific actions, and learn techniques to follow through on them. She helped me to establish good habits, and handle setbacks without guilt or blame. I now feel that I've broken the cycle of procrastination and am well on the way to a much better life.

Cecy L headshot leaning against tree
Cecy L. Social Media Manager

Liliana is a caring and flexible coach, she supported me while I was obtaining a post-graduate diploma in a city I was not familiar with. She was key in helping me focus and succeed. Her sessions were always a vehicle to increase my self awareness, developing new skills and be encouraged to continue working towards my goals. I still consult with her for short term projects and life issues. I highly recommend her as a personal coach.

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