Coaching Professionals

Are you feeling overwhelmed, paralyzed, lacking direction and unable to organize your time, projects or other aspects of your work and personal life? I can help by working with you to address your specific challenges, gain clarity, set direction, obtain skills and help you to convert your struggles into strengths. I will support you to:

  • Understand your strengths and differences, and how they affect your work and daily life. Knowing yourself better will provide a basis for growth and improvement
  • Identify areas in your executive functions that block your path to better performance and career success
  • Clarify and set SMART goals, translate them into actionable items and build a flexible path to completion
  • Increase productivity by introducing strategies and skills that help you learn to organize and prioritize tasks
  • Learn and use tools that support your specific challenges, whether it's time management, organizing tasks, managing work or others
  • Partner with you to hold yourself accountable for follow-through on your action plans
  • Support you in addressing emotional and stress-related issues and building lasting positive habits and self-improvement strategies
  • Tie it all together in a portable document for your reference: clear short and longer term goals, understanding of your strengths and challenges, and an inventory of techniques, skills and tools that can support you as you move forward.