Coaching Students

I work with adult students in many types of programs: university, community college, vocational, or those completing high school as a mature student. I support them in addressing academic, organizational, emotional and interpersonal difficulties resulting from ADHD, learning disabilities or related challenges. By developing a close and proactive partnership, we will work on:

  • Identifying your self-limiting factors and executive function challenges, and how they are preventing you from functioning better
  • Building practical strategies, techniques and skills to help you overcome barriers
  • Learning how to manage your time, prioritize tasks and turn large projects into achievable smaller steps
  • Advocating for accommodations, and exploring strategies to create a positive and supportive learning environment
  • Addressing emotional and stress-related issues
  • Learning to communicate better
  • Creating an effective network for support and accountability
  • Fostering and establishing lasting positive habits that will remain with you as you advance in life